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About Us


We are a bunch of people who are inspired by Asia, its uniqueness,  peculiarity and wonderment. Through our journey, we realised that Asia has a great blend of modernity with exotic heritage crafts and homemade flavors which need to be protected for generations to come. It is a shame that these uniqueness which come from many parts of Asia are yet to be fully tapped. It is our hopes and dreams to bring makers & creators onboard to scale their brand and business for the international market.

As changemakers, we believe that the world is a place where we can all feel a sense of belonging with each other's presence. We want to share financial opportunities with the lower income artisans, integrate Asian arts into the global value chain while preserving earth’s precious resources. We hope to give entrepreneurship and job creation opportunities for everyone, rich or poor, urban or rural. 

As a result, We Make Them made a conscious decision to bring brands and businesses together via a sustainable digital platform. Strong advocates of the United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 — Goal No 8; Decent Work & Economic Growth, we are committed to the 3 pillars of sustainability: people, planet & profit.

What Makes Us Unique 5.png

What Makes

Us Unique?

Why are we doing this?

Since we started during the pandemic in 2020, we’ve been honoured to work, collaborate and grow alongside some of the most talented makers around Asia, particularly the Southeast Asia region. Most importantly, we’ve seen some of the most resilient makers around, striving through the difficult times.

Thank you to all who supported our cause in establishing an All-Asian platform. We did it!


WE started off with nothing, slowly building a little community with big aspirations, featuring awesome creations by Asia’s finest for free and as the community continues to grow, our team is growing as well. We have begun hiring some of the brightest creatives to help run this little community. With that, comes the inevitable operation costs to keep this platform alive, and as we enter the next phase, we will be charging a small fee for the services we provide.


We’re almost there!

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