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  • Who is this Marketing Response Plan for?
    We would like to invite all Asian makers - rural or urban - who are looking for a digital presence to sell their artisanal creations. Unlike our competitors whose definition of artisan changes from time to time, we recognise you as a maker if you make or design your products. We are open to every kind of product you make except perishable items (sad, because we love cookies and cakes).
  • How do you apply & How long is the application process?
    Typically, filling out the survey takes less than 10 minutes. Then a few more things will happen: We will contact you: We would like to get to know you and your creations better. We will also request for descriptions & images to best represent your product and the identity of our platform. Product selection: As much as we wish we could market everything submitted to us, our resources are sadly limited. With your consent, we will select 1 or 2 products we feel best suited for our audience.
  • How do we plan to market your products?
    Using our own resources, we will amplify your products’ reach by utilising social media platforms to attract global buyers directly to your online business. Interactions, post-marketing communication and order fulfillment with the buyers will be handled by you. Our Marketing Response Plan is inclusive of a small fee (Contact us to know more!).
  • What information are we planning to gather from this programme using your data?
    Unlike the sly and invisible powers of the internet (you know who), we are committed to transparency in our business dealings. To cut the long story short, we are trying to understand the global demand for Asian products and the dynamics of the Asian-artisan product supply chain. Upon your request, we can share the data relevant to your business with you so you can, who knows, use the data that we gather tofurther enhance your online presence!
  • How long will we provide this Marketing Response Plan?
    Innitially, we planned on running this Marketing Response Programme for about 2 months from when we started in June 2020. However, the pandemic shows that a lot of small businesses, especially the maker, are struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, we've decided to extend the programme longer until this pandemic ends and our lives are back to normal. With that, we are charging a small fee to get your brand and products featured on our platforms. From February 2021 onwards, you can have your products featured with us by signing up on our website home page or reach out to us directly via our Instagram page.
  • Can we provide an assurance that your data is well protected?
    Click here to download our Partner Protection Agreement and view our Privacy Protection Policy. Appreciate if you could execute the agreement and return the same to for us to process.
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