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5 Best Resin Makers That You Should Check Out!


Do you have a thing for adorable customizable keychains, coasters and necklaces? if the answer is yes, then you should definitely have a look at! Each piece is made different and special so you know your piece of work stands out from the rest and is outstanding. Each piece is also encapsulated with potpourri flowers and gold leaf to give it a beautiful finishing. They also have multipurpose coasters and trays for you to pick and choose from which is pretty cool! Whether placed at your study table or living room, these gorgeous pieces will add a lil bit of speciality to your home.


Want resin related artwork especially keyrings? Then look no further because @pechecrafts has got you in check! This maker specialises in custom handmade resin keyrings and accessories. Her crafts come in many different colours and styles you’ll be lost for choice! Check out her ‘Ddalgi Milk’ series for some really cute pink heart-shaped and milk carton shaped keyrings. This maker also does custom orders as well so if you’re looking for a gift for someone special, you can check her out. 


If cute resin earrings are your thing, then have a look at this maker who creates unique resin earrings for you to wear. This maker,, makes everything from everyday pieces to statement pieces. Her bright and colourful pieces will steal the show no matter where you go. So go get your hands on her beautiful creations! These handcrafted earrings are made affordable for everyone to own. These earrings also come in various designs and shapes for you to choose from. Her earrings are suitable to be worn on any occasion so go get your hands on some of her pieces!


This maker based in Malaysia creates personalised resin crafts. From keychains to coasters, she has it all! Her products are made stunningly gorgeous by using different elements such as natural dried flowers and glitter. She offers a variety of colours and styles to choose from. If you’re quirky or looking for something more classic and graceful there’s something for you! This maker uses vibrant colours in her design to make her products pop and look bright. These items make the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend. If you are not sure on how to personalise your item, She’ll help you throughout the process to make sure your item of choice looks the best.


Looking for resin crafts that are handmade with love? Well, @madewwith.luv is here to fulfil your needs! This maker creates resin art that has a unique charm. She makes personalised keyrings and coasters. If you’re a kpop stan then you should definitely check this maker out because she makes resin kpop keyrings, coasters and necklaces. Each piece is handmade and made customisable for your personal preference. Do have a look at their ‘Ephiphany Necklace’ series for some beautiful blue butterfly necklaces that will look good on you for any event that you’re going to. 

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