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Get Clean With the Best Soap Makers on Instagram!

Who doesn’t love soaps that look elegant and gorgeous? That’s why you should have a look at @saltwateratelier. Get these soaps that look like gems for your own pleasure. Relax your mind, body and soul with a nice bath using this maker’s products. This Singaporean maker wants to make sure you have an amazing bath experience and encourage eco-sustainable living. Made in small batches, this maker creates one of a kind soaps with each being different from each other. Each bar has elements of skin-nourishing ingredients that are free of SLS, Parabens, Phthalates and Preservatives. This maker’s products are made vegan, palm-free and not tested on animals.


These handmade soap bars aren’t your ordinary ones because this may be your new go-to soap bar if you have sensitive skin. This maker makes environmentally conscious, all-natural handmade soaps That are also free from fragrances SLS, preservatives and parabens which are known for irritating the skin so you know what you’re putting on your skin isn’t harsh or bad for you. This maker uses a cold process technique to transform plant oils into bars of soap that are soft and gentle to the skin. Check out their ‘Clarity’ soaps which is one of their most popular soaps for those with oily, acne-prone skin.

Looking for some aesthetically pleasing soaps that are non-toxic and eco-friendly? Well, @rivierasoapery is here to save the day! This Indonesian soap maker prioritises on using ingredients that are kind to the skin. These soaps are made to be gentle on the skin and free from all harsh chemicals. This maker only uses skin-friendly ingredients. She makes all soaps by hand and focuses on using minimal plastic in her products. Her product come in different designs and shapes that look pleasing to the eye. They look too pretty to be used! These soaps don’t only look good but they smell good too. 


If you’re looking for soaps that are free form chemicals and preservatives, then you should definitely check out @lestarrynatural. This maker champions a plastic-free lifestyle with her naturally sourced cleansing products! Not only does she do soaps but she also provides other products such as shampoos, cleansing bars and deodorants. Her products are either sold bare or packaged in recyclable materials such as glass bottles and aluminium tins. She refuses to use plastic as her packaging making them eco friendly as possible. Her products are kind to the skin and also to the planet. She also provides sustainable gifting ideas for any event at an affordable price.

This fine soap maker specialises in making soaps for dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin. This maker offers a variety of body bars to meet your everyday needs. They also have shampoo bars too. There’s many body bars you could check out and own. Have a look at their ‘Rose Geranium, Spearmint and Argan Oil’ body bars that definitely smell as good as it looks. Also check out their Charcoal Soap Bar that is made using charcoal, Japanese camellia oil, essential oils, shea butter, and other healthy, eco-friendly ingredients! All their products are packaged using reusable and recyclable glass, paper, or cardboard packaging.

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