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Hey Malaysians!

We launched a
Buy & Sell Community on Telegram!

Want to reach more buyers?

Join our Telegram Community

at ZERO COST today!

Buy & Sell Telegram Community Malaysia 1

What will you gain from
joining the community?

Safe Environment

for you and your potential customers to discover each other.

FREE Space

to broadcast your brand announcements.

Dedicated Administrators

for the telegram channel to ensure orderly conduct.

Direct Communications

with the people who have similar interests.

Special Telegram Channel

to report and detect fraud accounts and pages. (@scammalaysia)

Sponsored Marketing Cost

of this community. We have a cool plan to get the word out about our community!

How to join:

Step 1

Click the 'JOIN NOW'

button at the top of this page

Step 2

Invite 2 others by sharing the link below. (They can be your friends, family or other maker-friends who could use the extra reach. (After all, sharing is caring!)

Step 3

Once your 2 contacts have joined the group, type "Hello, We Make Them Community!"

 ...and you're done! You can start sharing ads/launches/event/promos daily!

 We're super excited to have your brand on board

our new Telegram community platform!


See you there!

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