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Top 5 Malaysian Skincare Brands You Should Totally Check Out On Instagram!

Are you looking for skincare that best suits your daily needs? Well, you should definitely check out @gardentobath for awesome natural handmade soaps, bodycare and gift sets!


Their bar soaps are made with plant-based ingredients that are friendly for the environment and your skin. Essential oils are also added to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean all day!


Their gift sets are also a good option to choose if you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or simply just one for yourself. Note that every cent you spend goes out to the underprivileged so do the right thing and get yourself a skincare product today!

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To all the rebels out there, here are some skincare products for you! @therawrebel has a variety of products ranging from skincare to haircare and even tattoo aftercare. How cool is that! So if you’re looking for anything and everything?  @therawrebel has got you covered. From cleansers, serums, bath and body care, they have it all. This bespoke cosmetic brand that’s individualised to suit your personal needs could become your new reliable skincare brand for all your skincare needs. All their products are very much accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Their products are also made with high-quality ingredients so you know you’re getting the best quality that’s out there.

Hand sanitising has become our new norm in this day and age that is why it’s important for you to get your hands on some of @byannur_ hand sanitisers that’s made to adapt to all skin types by adding a hint of love in every formulation. These products are made cruelty free so you can ensure that they are not tested on animals and they are also skin-friendly too! This scented hand sanitiser brand has a selection of luxurious scents that you can pick from. Their scents include ‘French Riviera’ which is a combination of ‘Gardenia and Patchouli’ and also ‘Fresco Mint’ that has a dash of floral fragrance in its formulation

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To our beloved skincare lovers out there, this is for you. We introduce to you @jelita.kl. If you want to achieve healthy and glowing skin it is best if you go grab yourself some of their products. If you’re looking to attain radiant skin then you should have a look at their toners which are free from alcohol, harsh irritants and fragrances. The Saffron Toner is one of the first of its kind to be handcrafted and formulated in Malaysia.  You should also try out their rose clay mask that targets blemishes and great for removing facial oils. It is also suitable for all skin types too!

If youre looking for natural skincare and haircare products that are chemical free then you should have a look at some of products. They have everything from beard oils to eye-lash serums, theres something for everyone so dont hesitate and go get some products for yourself. These products are made from immaculate and safe ingredients with aloe vera being the main ingredient making them a great alternative to  products with harmful chemicals in them. No harsh chemicals mean eco-friendly and skin-friendly so you know that whatever you’re putting on your skin is good and safe.

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