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@xmistborn creates one of a kind polymer handmade earrings to best suit your #ootd. You’ll look exceptionally stunning while wearing a pair of their earrings. This special maker manufactures the earrings with full of love and compassion and their earrings are also made as eco- friendly as possible. The earrings are made lightweight and durable so that you could do anything while wearing them and they won't weigh you down. There are many patterns and colours to choose from that you’ll be lost for choice! You should check out their handmade sunflower earrings for some pop of colour to add to your earring collection. The sunflower earrings have a hint of royal hues to make you feel and look your best. The bright yellow compliments the purple very well making it a staple you should add to your collection.


You can never have too many earrings, they say, so if you’re looking for some unique earrings you should definitely check out Their cool looking earrings will make you stand out from the rest on any occasion so it's best if you get your hands on some of their earrings. The earrings are made simple yet elegant for you to wear. This maker handcrafts the earrings with full detail so that it's eye-catching and suitable for everyday wear. Youll look good wearing any pair of their earrings because all of them are beautifully made. Do have a look at their ‘Dancing Flower Snow Turquoise Royal Blue Trio Hoop’ earrings for different shades of blue to spice up your outfits. 

Looking for colourful and vibrant earrings? Then @hooksnstuds_byjo is where it's at! Their intricate designs will definitely be an attention grabber so go and get some of their earrings!

These polymer clay earrings that are made with care will give you that subtle but elegant look that will make sure people stop and stare. These earrings come in various shapes and sizes to choose from so your options are always open. The medley earrings may look small but its colourful marble effect will make any outfit look extravagant! So if you’re looking for some beautifully patterned earrings then check out @hooksnstuds_byjo. You’ll be blown away by all their designs.

image3.png is the place to be if you are looking for handmade resin earrings. Each of their earrings are made different from each other so you know you’ll look incomparable! The hard resin used to make these earrings encapsulates layers of artwork inside it and it's also extremely lightweight for that is amazingly easy to wear! Some earrings are attached to hoops while others to studs so there's something for everyone. Their earrings are versatile so it can be worn for formal and casual occasions alike so if you’re going for a wedding or simply just meeting a friend you’ll always have something to wear. Their ‘Summertime Collection’ so something you should totally check out for some pretty looking flower encased earrings. They’ll definitely steal the show when you’re out and about.

If minimalism is your thing, then you should have a look at @mad.eby.c for some stylish and chic earrings. If you believe that less is more, then these handmade earrings are the one for you! These earrings are made with 100% organic clay and are also cruelty free so you know that your earrings are made without harming any animals. The combination of different shades of orange gives it  rustic vibe and it embodies the sunset. The whites represent fresh and clean vibes. Their ‘snow drop collection’ are a simple pair of earrings that come in a few orange shades will definitely give you that glamorous look.


Elevate your fashion sense with handcrafted clay earrings made by @caramelia_s_. This is the best place to find cute but fashionable earrings. These statement earrings will give you the stares you deserve and you'll definitely look trendy owning a pair. They also have cute animal earrings that you should totally check out. All their earrings are self designed and handmade with polymer clay. Their products are also baked with care and assembled to be specially designed just for you! Their square floral earrings is something you should own for sure. 

Handmade earrings with an oriental twist? If your answer is yes, then you should check out @artof.thebead! They have very special delicate earrings that will work well with any outfit you put together. The earrings feature delicately designed tensha beads made with love by a maker with over 30 years of experience. These earrings are limited so it's best if you go grab one now! 

Their designs are very unique and you know you can never find them anywhere else. Their ‘Lady of Perpetual Pearls’ earrings are almost sold out with only 1 pair left so go treat yourself to it.


@beejooz offers different exquisite handcrafted jewellery made from real preserved dried flowers and precious stones so you know you'll be the center of attention. Only high quality preserved flowers and precious stones are used to make these earrings so best be sure that you’re getting the best quality possible. Each piece is made delicate and highly detailed and it shows! Their ‘Round Red & White Lace Flower Stud w Heart Shaped Red Gemstone’ earrings are made with shades of pink and red with a dash of yellow that'll look good on you whether if you’re wearing an evening gown or a simple sundress.

Earrings for hijabis? Say less! This maker designs  pinrings specially designed for modest hijab wearers. Fashionistas out there who wear hijabs can now wear earrings or otherwise known as pinrings to match their daily outfits. Make a statement and stay effortless with these pinrings made by @lushpins. This brilliant innovation is a genius way of styling without showing any hair. This maker has come up with many designs to choose from that will definitely make you want to have a pair. Do look at their crystal “heartstring” pinrings for some adorable heart-shaped earrings that will steal the show no matter where you go.


@handmade_by_w makes modern and chic creations from crystals, gemstones and Silver925. This premium jewellery maker creates jewellery with much detail and intricacy to make you look amazingly gorgeous wherever you go. Their fancy earrings will make you look your finest and great for you to look tasteful. Every piece is kept timeless with quality finishing. They use hand-selected stones and crafted with the purpose to maintain the stones' natural shape and flow. You can also customise your own earrings too.

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